a guy

tempus fugit

  • |c|o|n|c|e|p|t| minimalist electronic soundscapes with guitar sound sculpture
  • |s|o|u|n|d| unshapely, constantly mutating, and utterly confused
  • |p|r|o|c|e|s|s| uses live guitar sampling and live manipulation of pre-prepared tapes
  • |r|e|s|u|l|t| weird guitars and sample processing creates minimal soundscapes of rhythm and melody

"tempus fugit is the ritual music for a post-apocalyptic society which has descended into savagery in the bombed-out streets of new york. you're probably asking, if the music is this harsh, why should i care? tempus fugit is worth listening to for the same reason that we give such attention to classical music -- the thought and skill that goes into piecing these individual elements into a cohesive whole is he music was too complex for many, yet today it is impossible to discuss the high points of culture without invoking these same compositions" - ron davies / splendid

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