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Play Play Ouverture 3:12
Play Play Be a Vegetable 3:01
Play Play Art Is a Dirty Job 1:30
Play Play Vladimir 5:42
Play Play Foetus 1:43
Play Play Or argent (child mix) 0:47
Play Play Afgghmtb 6:09
Play Play Anthrôpos 4:01
Play Play Creusez ! 5:32
Play Play Bélikov 1:23
Play Play What Part Don't You Understand ? 1:28
Play Play 44 3:21
Play Play Pétrov 2:38
Play Play Iégorov 2:02
Play Play Weaver 5:36
Play Play Le Dernier 0:52
Play Play Etre un légume 10:38

Opening with an insistent string motif, the "Ouverture" to Anthropos builds layer upon swirling layer of strings. Expect no release, because this brainchild of Florian Antoine builds Branca-esque moments of sound, so tightly wrapped that it becomes terrifying.

"Be a Vegetable" is less claustrophobic, but the ringing bass note and plodding timpani buried beneath the biting guitar notes are no less menacing. Similar ominous tones continue through much -- but not all -- of the album.

"Art is a Dirty Job" combines a drum loop with processed guitar for a sound that is perhaps best described as a drinking song for vacuum cleaners, whereas the minute-long minuet of "Foetus" creates a bewitching little melody on vibes. Make no mistake, however, because the threat quickly returns. The difficult nature of the music presented here may be a bit much for some listeners. The clicking loops of

"Vladimir" progress as the guitar builds into a feedback whine which fades in and out of phase.

"Afgghmtb" blends a distorted voice chanting the title (or something a hell of a lot like it) with a hip-hop rhythm.

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