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premiers cycles

Play Play Envers 2:52
Play Play A bas l'anarchie 5:47
Play Play Voix d'après 5:35
Play Play Da kine 4:21
Play Play Les oeuvriers 5:54
Play Play Intravoïde 3:30
Play Play Vive l'anarchie 5:30
Play Play Bijou 4:44
Play Play Risque de guerre 5:00
Play Play L'atroce atmosphère 2:16
Play Play Cepido 13:09

Gritty low-fidelity rythmic layers warping in and out of one another

First impression: Tempus Fugit is way far out! 
Second impression: Tempus Fugit is way far out! 
Dissonant jaunts through ethereal ambiences and precision stabs at the sonically unknown. This recording is fantastic! With it I envisage the soundtrack to a serial killer's thoughts and deeds. Psychopathic, schizophrenic multidimensional sonic wonder in meltdown. Tempus Fugit is a guitar-based project. The paradoxical guitar harmonies and Fugazi-like use of the guitar idiom are exceptional. This music is truly unique and undeniably original. If you're in the mood for some very unique guitar-based instrumental music check this disc out.

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