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demain sera presque comme aujourd'hui

Play Play Triste satan 0:59
Play Play Dark Side of the Clown 4:55
Play Play A-nice-place-to-live 4:05
Play Play Sad Satan 3:26
Play Play Repetition 4:43
Play Play Wheels 6:12
Play Play The Thing 3:42
Play Play Quatre semaines 3:29
Play Play Head Factory 3:53
Play Play Ballad 11:15

Dissonant jaunts through ethereal ambiences and precision stabs at the sonically unknown. Psychopathic, schizophrenic multidimensional sonic wonder in meltdown. Tempus Fugit is the guitar-based project. Tempus Fugit's paradoxical guitar harmonies and Fugazi-like use of the guitar idiom are exceptional. It is truly unique and undeniably original. Expect no release, because this brainchild builds Branca-esque moments of sound, so tightly wrapped that it becomes terrifying. The result is the ritual music for a post-apocalyptic society which has descended into savagery in the bombed-out streets of New York. It may be dark and confusing at times, but that is precisely what makes Tempus Fugit an accurate reflection of life at the turn of the millennium. Heady, heavy and harsh, Tempus Fugit has presented us with a challenging music which is disturbing, frightening and highly impressive.

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