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drinking songs for vaccum cleaners

Play Play Le trajet 7:29
Play Play Subliminal pop 2:09
Play Play This Is of Course an Exaggeration 4:24
Play Play A Red Light... a Blue Sky... a Green Cat 3:12
Play Play Un Dimanche Sans Alcool 2:47
Play Play This Machine Kills Fascists 2:33
Play Play Et Maintenant Il Neige 3:27
Play Play Autopsie (poème Muet) 4:49
Play Play Movie star 5:24
Play Play Le Sous-marin Coule 7:45
Play Play The Exact Same Thing 2:37
Play Play Chimère 0:55
Play Play Les Feuilles Tombent Des Arbres Et Vice-versa 4:08
Play Play L'inutile Et L'agréable 4:59
Play Play Où Ça Fait Du Bien 6:01

Hypnotic, melodic and purposely extreme Tempus Fugit make music similar to sound tracks for feature films that still need to be written and shot. The striking difference in respect to Tempus Fugit’s previous albums is the fact a lot of work has gone into the arrangements giving a fluidity to the varying hypnotic atmospheres within the album. With this third album, Tempus Fugit have reached a musical maturity recognised and acclaimed by music critics and fans throughout Europe and USA.

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