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music for dancers

Play Play Africa 23:27
Play Play Max and Steve 8:26
Play Play Music Box 3:02
Play Play Prayer for Europe 4:12

During more than 15 years, I composed and recorded music that is both cinematographic and dance related. I was connected to contemporary music during my stay in Lyon where I regularly went out to la maison de la danse. If I was usually happy of what I had seen, it was the music which stayed in my head for the reset of the night. And how the music and sound aggregate with the bodies on stage. I was fascinated and I always tried to incorporate that feeling to movement and dance to the pieces I wrote.

The four pieces of « music for dancers » grab element of rhythmic stability/instability and melodic elements.

Africa is my own vision of west african music and rhythm.

Max and steve is a piece combining polyrhythm in a live-looping situation (guitar + synth).

Music box brings acoustics instruments sonority and acoustic drums in an ever-evolving canevas.

Prayer for Europe is a guitar sample reworked in a 3D sound table with multiple outputs.

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